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2013 Book Kvetch Archives

—December 2013—

Book Kvetch’s Favorite Books of 2013

—October 2013—

Author Q & A | Terry M. McCarty with Margaret Ann Chatfield McCarty

What to Read Next?

—September 2013—

Review | Shady Characters By Keith Houston

Review | Simple Dreams By Linda Ronstadt

Review | The Antiques Magpie By Marc Allum

Review | City of the Dead By T. Neill Anderson

—August 2013—

Review | Prisoner 88 By Leah Pileggi

Children’s Nonfiction | Folktales, Farming and Fossils

Review | The Butler By Wil Haygood

—July 2013—

Review | The Universe in the Rearview Mirror By Dave Goldberg

Review | Zealot By Reza Aslan

Review | The End of Night By Paul Bogard

—June 2013—

Review | The Time Traveler's Guide to Elizabethan England By Ian Mortimer

Review | Smile at Strangers By Susan Schorn

Review | Songs from Under the River By Anis Mojgani

—May 2013—

Review | One and Only By Lauren Sandler

Review | Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted By Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

Review | Boom! By Julie Rak

—April 2013—

Review | Give and Take By Adam M. Grant

Review | The Cineaste By A. Van Jordan

Review | A Spoonful of Sugar By Brenda Ashford

—March 2013—

Review | Opportunity, Montana By Brad Tyer

Review | Z By Therese Anne Fowler

Review | To Save Everything, Click Here By Evgeny Morozov

Review | Pluto’s Secret By Margaret Weitekamp

Review | The Master of Us All By Mary Blume

—February 2013—

Review | The Lady and Her Monsters By Roseanne Montillo

Media Kvetch | DC Comics and Netflix

Review | The Theoretical Minimum By Leonard Susskind

Review | Street Smarts By Jim Rogers

—January 2013—

2013 Sibert Medal and YALSA Nonfiction Awards

Review | The Art of Betrayal By Gordon Corera

Review | Merit By Joseph F. Kett

Review | The Tinkerers By Alec Foege

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