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2012 Book Kvetch Archives

—December 2012—

Book Kvetch’s Favorite Books of 2012

Review | Beyond Shangri-La By John Kenneth Knaus

—November 2012—

Review | TV on Strike By Cynthia Littleton

Review | Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher By Timothy Egan

Review | Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm By Philip Pullman

Review | My Bookstore Edited By Ronald Rice

—October 2012—

Review | Louder Than Words By Benjamin K. Bergen

Author Q & A | Ron Tanner

Review | The Art Forger By B.A. Shapiro

Review | Hello, Gorgeous By William J. Mann

—September 2012—

Review | Consider the Fork By Bee Wilson

Review | The Black Count By Tom Reiss

Author Q & A | Fred Bortz

Review | Don’t Buy It By Anat Shenker-Osorio

—August 2012—

Review | The Victory Lab By Sasha Issenberg

Review | Fire in the Ashes By Jonathan Kozol

Review | Election! By Dan Gutman

Review | The Guardian of All Things By Michael S. Malone

Review | The Brontës By Juliet Barker

Review | The Violinist’s Thumb By Sam Kean

—July 2012—

Review | Dearie By Bob Spitz

Review | Dreamland By David K. Randall

Review | Phi By Giulio Tononi

—June 2012—

Review | Tiny Beautiful Things By Cheryl Strayed

Review | Eat the City By Robin Shulman

Review | Thomas Becket By John Guy

Calling in a Favor

Review | Yes, Chef By Marcus Samuelsson

—May 2012—

Review | As Texas Goes… By Gail Collins

Review | The Plant Hunters By Anita Silvey

Review | I’ve Lost My Hippopotamus By Jack Prelutsky

Review | Gems from Warren Buffett By Mark Gavagan

—April 2012—

Review | Compassion, Inc. By Mara Einstein

Author Q & A | Alice Kessler-Harris

Review | The Battle for the Arab Spring By Lin Noueihed and Alex Warren

Review | Bon Appétit! By Jessie Hartland

—March 2012—

Review | Swim By Lynn Sherr

Review | To Marry an English Lord By Gail MacColl and Carol Wallace

Review | Drift By Rachel Maddow

What am I reading for World Read Aloud Day?

Review | Change Comes to Dinner By Katherine Gustafson

—February 2012—

Review | Juliette Gordon Low By Stacy A. Cordery

Review | Gravity By Brian Clegg

Review | A Difficult Woman By Alice Kessler-Harris

Review | The Last Storyteller By Frank Delaney

—January 2012—

Review | Thomas Ince By Brian Taves

2012 Sibert Book Award and YALSA Nonfiction Award Winners

Review | Devil Sent the Rain By Tom Piazza

Review | A History of the World in 100 Objects By Neil MacGregor

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