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What to Read Next?

Posted by Rebecca G. Aguilar, M.Ed. on October 5, 2013

What to Read Next?

No books in my “To Read” well. Literally fraught with nothing to review about upcoming releases in nonfiction. Now seems a good time to explain why I have come to think of nonfiction as expressive of a highly worthwhile reading habit.

Admitting a sincere affection for the Dewey Decimal sections of the library, one of my first reading experiences was the little yellow volumes of Folklore of the World by Edward William and Marguerite Pierce Dolch: Stories from India, Stories from Japan, Stories from France.

Learning about the wide world still is a passion from that early start reading everything in the 398 Folklore section of Highlands Elementary’s library. Ironically, you can learn some truths in what the fabulists attempt to mythologize. My seven-year-old self didn’t know that yet, but reading certainly put me on a path to this knowledge.

At Book Kvetch, I highlight the very good taste of nonfiction publishers, editors and authors. Through wonderful writing, they express how much they love Elizabethan England, martial arts, 1970s sitcoms, Zelda Fitzgerald, Pluto, Balenciaga and why everyone should, too. And, they do this with great sincerity and expertise and novelty.

Recently at Book Kvetch I posted a review of the terrific book on unusual punctuation, Shady Characters by Keith Houston, and a review of the wonderful music industry memoir, Simple Dreams by Linda Ronstadt. In August, Book Kvetch featured nonfiction for younger readers in great books about folktales, farming and fossils.

The blast of reviews written regularly in the last two years will be noticeably reduced at Book Kvetch now that I’m lending my talents to a local community college relations department. However, I will try to pencil in the time to write book reviews and author Q&As and features that show how the nonfiction side of publishing remains highly worthwhile.


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